Coworking in Barcelona

For a variety of reasons, a shared office space in Barcelona, in an international environment is an ideal environment for both national and international start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Financially speaking the costs of splitting operational costs are hugely significant as renting an office space for 12 months. Simply is not cheap. Rather than taking a large hit straight up, many find it is better to significantly share costs while they grow their contacts, network and cash flow. They and others find other equally important value in shared office spaces. It is their chance to network, collaborate, skill and idea share with likeminded peers allows for a freer flow of information in single office environments.


Barcelona city is a hive of start-up companies crossing all disciplines, niches and sectors. It is not unusual to find a solution to a common need to resource sharing in co-working and office sharing spaces. Many entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers felt constrained in office environments that were geared to be productive but lacked the friendly, brainstorming and respective work environment they had experience before. These shared office environments promote idea exchange, leading them being highly productive with colleagues throughout the day, leading to contacts and new friends in their free time.


As a freelancer or small business in Barcelona knows that they have 30-60 days while their clients settle their invoice payments. During the early days or during temporal lulls in business they know that there are fixed expenses per month. These include the cost of social security, flat rent, transport and mobile communication costs. Sharing an office or co-working is a very safe way to share business bills, save investment money for future development or just to cover the bottom line.


Care should be given when choosing a co-working or sharing office space. A brand or personal brand’s image is very important with business dealings with Spanish locals. Many start-ups consider who they will interact with and where. Many choose to meet in bars or restaurants. Although this happens a lot, it is a riskier option than hosting meetings in a safer and private environment. Take care to find offices with cool décor, coffee machines, kitchens and high-class conference rooms. These simple things will set your business apart.

Start-up companies and entrepreneurs meet regularly with investors or stakeholders. The success of these meetings can be difference between receiving the next cash injection or not. For small businesses and freelancers, holding face-to-face client meetings and on-the-phone conversations is the make or break of any business relationship. Care is needed to choose a location that is both professional but ‘cool’. Seasoned start-up and freelancers in Barcelona see this play as the smarter card.


Co-working spaces have a lot of social benefits that are not tied tight as with formal businesses. Small teams come to share close bond and inter-company team building and social activities. In an international environment seasonal celebrations are a great celebrating Chinese New Year with the same passion as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Often individuals will hear about new opportunities in different markets from the mouth of someone who could become an asset with their business. Not only that, they are probably a native from there and have a network of native contacts.


There are a lot of things to consider when sharing an office. It sidesteps the higher risk of renting your own space and has a lot of professional and social benefits. Business productivity is likely to increase, as there is a high likelihood of someone working there who answers your business need. Financial risk and exposure with outgoing fixed costs is significantly reduced. With the right location personal and business branding can significantly help with making client, stakeholder, investor meetings.